Clean Dry Trouble-Free Air

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Your compressed air system isn’t operating correctly and now you’re out of air! We will provide you with an immediate solution- Guaranteed.


No matter which component of the air system it is, when you have your equipment installed by us, you can be assured that it’s done correctly and professionally. So when it comes to Air compressors, air dryers, air filters, oil and water separators, automatic drains, etc. whether you bought it from us or not, we’ll install it properly.


When you need an air compressor for a project, call us. We will deliver it, install it, teach you how to use it, and remove it.


Your air system isn’t quite performing up to your standards. Whether it requires a minor or major change, we’ll take care of it.

Air System Design and Installation

We will provide complete design and installation of compressed air piping. Whether your building has old pipes that are restricting air flow to the user, or you’re moving into a new work space with no existing air system- We can provide a solution.

Air Usage Metering and Data Logging

Business changes over time. If your business applications have grown or down-sized, you’ll need to adjust your compressed air system to operate at the correct and most efficient level. But how? We can meter and log your exact cubic feet per minute usage (cfm), pressure change (psi or bar), and kilowatt usage as precisely as down to every minute of your operating hours.

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Compressed Air Dryer Installations

Compressed air dryer / air filter installations recently. Clean, Dry, Trouble-Free Comrpessed Air.

Some Quick Installations

Heres some quick Atlas Copco compressor 'plug and play' installations we've done recently

Printing Press Company in Burlington, MA

This Atlas Copco GA11+VSD is taking over for this old piston comrpessor at a printing company in Burlington, MA. Also in the picture is our Loaner compressor that we install temporarily to avoid downtime!

THC Extraction Facility in Clinton MA

The THC extraction process requires a high volume of compressed air. This Atlas Copco GA37+VSD system will provide them with plenty of clean, dry, trouble-free air!

New Compressor for new Spray Booths at Body Shop in Chelsea, MA

Here's a recent installation of an Atlas Copco GA15+VSD 20 horsepower variable speed drive system for a body shop in Chelsea MA

New Compressor for Chelsmford MA Manufacturer

Here's a new Atlas Copco G11 and Refrigerated Air Dryer for the Chelsmford, MA manufacturing company.

Old compressor takes new role as back-up. New compressor comes in as primary

Brand new Atlas Copco GA15VSD+ taking over as the lead in this compressor room with a veteran GA18 moving into a back-up role. Oh and an external dryer with both compressor flowing through it.

New Complete System

New complete system in Peabody MA including an Atlas Copco GA22 complete with external tank, dryer, and filtration.

ConservAir Air Pressure Control Valve

These air pressure control valves, when installed properly, can save some serious energy over time. Ask us how to store your comprsesed air instead of wasting it with the help of a ConservAir contorl valve.

In Stock Right Now!

Brand new Atlas Copco GX5 rotary screw compressor. 7.5 horsepower, 150 psi. Pick it up today!

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is imperative to the reliability, production, and longevity of your Compressed Air System. Your air compressor is the heart and soul of your production. Unfortunately, most people forget about that loud, dirty thing in the other room until the air tools don’t work or the machines are off on low air pressure. Be Preventive! Prevent unexpected down-time! Prevent expensive repairs! Maintenance is absolutely necessary.

We keep a large stock of air filters, oil filters, air/oil separators, cabinet filters, for all makes and modelsWe keep a large stock of air filters,
oil filters, air/oil separators, cabinet filters,
for all makes and models

Your air compressor takes a unique type of oil. We’ve got it in stock.

Your air compressor takes a unique type of oil.
We’ve got it in stock.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Our Preventive Maintenance Program makes YOUR Air Compressor a top priority. When you rely on ACG for the health of your Air Compressor, you can be assured the maintenance will be carried professionally, neatly, and during a time that YOU decide on.