Compressed Air Systems for Microbreweries

Brew better beer with the highest quality compressed air and nitrogen.

Compressed air and nitrogen are used in virtually every step of the beer-making process – from fermentation and aeration to packaging and cleaning.

AT ACG, we have compressed gas systems of all sizes and capabilities to provide breweries with the most cost-efficient and effective compressed gas solutions to meet the specific needs of brewmasters. If you own and operate a brewery you can save time, money, and energy by buying or leasing a compressed air system from ACG.

Buying or leasing your own compressor will enable you to significantly reduce your CO2 expenses by replacing it with nitrogen in your inerting, purging, and bottling processes. In fact, when you operate your own compressor, you’re already half way to generating your own nitrogen. Why buy bulk liquid nitrogen when you can produce your own and reduce your nitrogen costs by 50-90%?

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Buying or leasing your own compressed air system will have a significant positive impact on your entire brewing operation, including:


Compressed air supercharges fermentation by optimizing aeration and aiding the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohol.


Oil-free compressed air helps produce better-tasting beer by more effectively cleaning bottles and kegs to reduce contamination and off-putting odors.

Bottling & Canning

As beer moves through the production system, compressed air can keep all the lines clean and contamination-free. Pure, oil-free air provides reliable, jam-free operation of all valves and actuators used in bottling, canning, labeling, and packaging processes.

CO2 Recovery

CO2 costs can be substantially reduced by recovering the gas generated during fermentation and then using it to add carbonation to the final product.

Whether you’re a microbrewery serving your local community or a larger, regional craft brewery producing and packaging beer for distribution, we have the compressed air system to fit your needs and your budget.

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