Choosing the Right Compressor

What size and type of air compressor
is the right choice for my business?

There are several major factors in choosing the right air compressor

Electric supply: Single phase or three phase and at what voltage

CFM: How much air will you need? We can provide you with the exact CFM usage of your application. Call us now to schedule a FREE on-site visit.

Features: Factors such as variable or fixed speed, physical footprint, sound level, and additional drying equipment should be considered. Often times we can help you qualify for a rebate from your electric utility company. Call us now to schedule a FREE on-site visit

Rotary Screw – Oil Flooded
Modern technology delivering unmatched quality at a low sound level

Rotary Screw air compressors deliver clean, dry and consistent compressed air. They are rated for 100% duty cycle meaning that they are engineered to be able run efficiently at full load all day long. Consistency in air flow can be extremely important in certain applications. They offer the solution to air flow fluctuation and provide excellent air quality. Additionally, rotary screw air compressors are much quieter than a reciprocating compressor equivalent. Rotary screw compressors may qualify for several incentives and rebates from local electric utility providers.

Rotary Screw – Oil Free
Class 0 Oil Free Compressed Air

Oil Free rotary screws use the same technology as oil flooded rotary screws, but without the oil. 100% oil free, clean, dry and consistent compressed air. Oil-free screw compressors have long since proved their importance to compressed air users in critical applications such as pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries where absolutely oil-free compressed air is prerequisite.

Proven reliability and mechanics at low costs

Air Compressor Guy

Reciprocating (Piston type) air compressors have been the industry standard for smaller applications for decades. In most cases, piston compressors are rated for 85% duty cycle and provide great value. Typically, piston compressors can produce compressed air at a higher psi than rotary screws, about 175psi.

Complete Air Systems
Plug and play options for space conscious applications

Total air system packages include and rotary screw air compressor enclosed in a sound dampening cabinet and a refrigerated air dryer both mounted on the air tank. This allows for a small footprint for your entire air system with minimal installation time.

In-line air filters
Purifying compressor air

Installing filters helps all components of the air system. Air cleaning filters help air dryers work more efficiently, keep air tanks clean, and keep pipes clean.

Air Dryers
Purifying compressor air

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Air dryer take the natural condensation out of compressed air. Water mixed with compressed air at the end user can cause problems in productivity and can ruin tools and machines.
Several types or air dryers including:

Refrigerated air dryers    •    Desiccant air dryers    •    Membrane air dryers

Condensate separators
Manage the condensate being removed from your compressed air


EPA Compliant. Condensate separators separate the condensate (after its been removed from your air by dryers and filters) into oil and clean water. This allows for clean water to be drained into drainage utility and the oil to be disposed of properly.

Nitrogen Generators
Turn compressed air into pure nitrogen

Special applications require compressed pure nitrogen. Compressed air in – Nitrogen out.

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