Central Pneumatic Air Compressor for Salem, New Hampshire

For many commercial and industrial facilities, the choice between a central pneumatic air compressor and portable compressors can be a difficult one. Which is better? That decision will vary from business-to-business, based on applications and needs, but there are some general characteristics of the two systems that will come into play. Fortunately, ACG Air Compressor, located in Lowell, MA, specializes in high-quality, professional air compressors, so we can help you make the correct decision and then install and service your compressor system. 

Generally speaking, a central pneumatic air compressor for Salem, New Hampshire offers: 

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Less energy consumption
  • Greater efficiency
  • Smaller equipment footprint
  • Flexible noise reduction options 

A central pneumatic air compressor system consists of a centralized compressed air installation in which large air compressors and dryers located in one area provide compressed air for the entire facility. This type of air compressor system installation includes extensive pipe and ductwork and distributes air to every department where it is needed. In most cases, a centralized system is a better choice for a large, dispersed workspace that might consist of a number of workstations or areas. 

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing between a single, large, Salem, New Hampshire central pneumatic air compressor system and several smaller, decentralized compressors. Key considerations include system costs, the cost of a production shut-down, electrical power availability, loading variations, and available floor space 

A hybrid central air compressor system consisting of several decentralized compressors can be the preferred choice for certain uses, including a wide range of compressed air and schedule needs  – say, widespread, constant daytime use versus reduced, overnight-shift use. This type of centralized system offers greater flexibility and can be sequence-controlled to improve efficiency.

No matter what type of compressed air system you choose – single, portable systems, or a Salem, New Hampshire central pneumatic air compressor system – the compressed air experts here at ACG Air Compressor can help you with all your needs. From system design and installation to maintenance and emergency repair service, we’ve got you covered. Email us or give us a call today to learn more.