Air Flow Measurement for Nottingham, New Hampshire

air flow measurement for Nottingham, New HampshireAir flow measurement using a compressed air flow meter is a critical tool for managing a commercial compressed air system so that it operates at peak efficiency. If you already own a flow meter or are looking to purchase one, the compressed air experts here at ACG Air Compressor in Lowell, MA can help you select the right one and keep your compressed air flow meter functioning properly.

Air flow measurement using a compressed air flow meter from ACG Air Compressor provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Consistent and accurate readings for optimal system air flow
  • Helps target compressed air leaks to minimize system loss
  • Reduces excessive compressed air consumption
  • Boost productivity and efficiency

Nottingham, New Hampshire air flow measurement is increasingly being used to identify excessive compressed air usage and help identify system leaks that can affect productivity. Compressed air leaks represent a significant source of wasted energy in industrial compressed air systems. In fact, leakage in the range of 25% to 40% of the compressed air produced is not uncommon in many commercial and industrial compressed air systems.

To help ensure accurate and reliable air flow measurement for Nottingham, New Hampshire, compressed air flow meters can be installed in individual air lines to help identify where the compressed air is being used and determine the relative amount of leakage. Compressed air usage may vary considerably, depending on the industry and application for which it is used, with the highest flow occurring during regular workday hours, but minimal air flow at night or on weekends. Thermal mass flow meters provide a direct mass flow measurement and do not require pressure and temperature compensation. They’re easy to insert into a pipe with a minimum of pipe modifications and can easily handle the wide fluctuations in compressed air flow that may occur.

To learn more about Nottingham, New Hampshire air flow measurement and selecting the right compressed air flow meter, contact the compressed air specialists here at ACG Air Compressor.