Air Compressor Pressure Switch for Derry, New Hampshire

The air compressor pressure switch is a key component of your pressurized air system because it helps measure the pressure inside your air tank and shuts off your compressor when the air tank reaches the desired maximum air pressure.

A Derry, New Hampshire air compressor pressure switch also helps your compressed air system maintain the proper pressure level while it’s being used. The switch will turn on your compressor when tank air pressure levels drop and more air is needed.

As an electro-mechanical device, the air compressor pressure switch senses network pressure and sends an electrical signal to the control circuit to load/unload or start/stop the air compressor. It often includes an unloading mechanism to properly unload the compressor upon shutdown or unload. It can also include a manual on/off function.

If you need to replace your air compressor pressure switch for Derry, New Hampshire, be sure to look at the following elements:

  • Electrical load Make sure your new pressure switch can handle motor currents if you’re using a smaller compressor.
  • Pressure maximums Compressors are rated for a specific maximum air pressure. Make sure your new switch is rated for that pressure or higher.
  • On/off switch Not all pressure switches have an on/off switch; some have the switch located on a separate panel. Your replacement needs to match your original component.
  • Connectors There are many adapters available for pressure switches and their connectors, but it is best not to use one if you can avoid it. Staying with the same connection removes potential leak areas and can make future maintenance easier.

Because of the vital role the air compressor pressure switch plays, it’s in constant use and so it may wear out sooner than other system components. You’ll want to keep it properly maintained and repair or replace it when problems arise. The switch is your best protection against an over-pressurized tank and air lines for your compressor, keeping you safe from ruptures and dangers. To learn more about the air compressor pressure switch on your compressed air system and how to ensure it continues to function properly, contact the pressure switch experts here at ACG Air Compressor.