Today, we finished the installation of a complete, brand new air system.

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We started with a BOGE C20 oil injected rotary screw smart air compressor. As a general rule of thumb (and to qualify for rebate incentives) we provided 4 gallons of storage per cfm of the new compressor. For this project, we required a total of 360 gallons.


The C20 pumps directly into the first 120 gallon air tank. This tank is our control tank. This tank gives the compressor a large sample of the pressure network to sense. This helps control any load/unload short cycling. This tank gets filled with untreated compressed air directly from the compressor. For this reason, it’s also referred to as the “wet” tank.


From the wet tank, the compressed air flows into a BOGE CF100 course inline air filter. This acts as a pre-filter for the BOGE RA100 refrigerated air dryer. The air dryer mechanically cools the compressed air to force all moisture out of the air. From the dryer the air flows into  a BOGE FF100 fine inline air filter. This filter is our post-dryer filter to catch any moisture or oil mist that the dryer may not have caught.




From the dryer/filter combo,the air flows into a 240 gallon air tank. This tank is our “dry” tank. Theoretically the air in this tank is always dry, treated, clean compressed air. The plant draws its air directly from this tank.


Both tanks and the air dryer have BekoMat 31 Automatic Zero-Loss Condensate drains. These auto drains send the collected oil/water condensate to the Qwik Pure 50 Condensate separator. This separates the oil from the water so that the water can be disposed of as normal waste water and the oil can be properly disposed of.

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