It was time for a change for this Salem, NH manufacturing company. Out with the old, oily, energy guzzling 20 HP compressor — in with a brand new BOGE C15 energy efficient smart rotary screw compressor. Not only will they receive a rebate from their utility provider, but they’ll be saving on monthly electricity bills. Going from a hard-start 20hp compressor that ran from 4am – 530pm (without shutting down) to a energy efficient smart 15 horsepower compressor that will now have a normal ~4 minute cycle of Load/unload- 1:45, standby- 2:05.  So instead of running for 13.5 hours per day, it will only run about 6 hours per day. The other 7 it will be on standby (motor stopped, ready to turn on once it receives a load command). Plus, BOGE achieves a soft start by utilizing wye delta starters — saving energy with each motor start.