Here’s a couple of Palatek compressors that we brought back to life at a Quincy, MA collision center. The bigger one (H20D) has been operating for years but was suffering from some old age and dirty environment symptoms. We ran through it and repaired or replaced the entire electro-mechanical circuit. Solenoid, modulating valve, intake valve, as well as replacing a temperature gauge and line pressure gauge. But before we could perform that work it was imperative to get the newly acquired “back-up” compressor operating so the shop still had air while the tune-up was being performed. This Palatek “Tyke” model 10BP had been sitting in storage for a long time. This meant rust and water inside some of the main components. After changing the oil, cleaning air control components, and replacing the minimum pressure check valve, it was revived and running smoothly. Oh, and we also plumbed it into their existing air system. Now with a back-up compressor, they have peace of mind knowing that they will always have air.