New and old

Here’s the first 6 month PM for this new compressor at a company in Newton, MA. You can see the ¬†same compressor in the background, only that one is 14 years old. Still runs great because of regular preventive maintenance. Not much has changed in the design.....

PM time

Clean, quiet, runs like a dream. We carry out the preventive maintenance for this Andover, MA company every 6 months to keep it that way.

New 5hp rotary screw and dryer

We installed this 5hp compressor and dryer for a company in Boston, MA. They didn’t need much air, but it needed to be clean and quiet for the workplace.  

Air System Design and Install

Here is couple photos of a complete 1″ copper air system designed and installed by us for a company in Merrimack, NH. The compressors went in the basement and the compressed air is distributed throughout the rest of the building via a 1″ copper header with...

Fresh start for this food company

Here’s a brand new Kaeser SM15T air compressor / dryer package unit for this food production company in Haverhill, MA.