Atlas Copco Air Compressors

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Clean, Dry, Trouble-Free Compressed Air

Boge S Air Compressor

Advanced design

Latest generation of our innovative oil-injected screw element included

Reduced energy costs

Reduced lifecycle costs thanks to the use of a superior screw element and a high efficiency motor. VSD reduces energy costs by 35% on average

Pneumatech ConservAIR Flow control systems

Complete rotary screw compressor and dryer packages from 3  – 25 horsepower

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ConservAir Air Pressure Control Valve

These air pressure control valves, when installed properly, can save some serious energy over time. Ask us how to store your comprsesed air instead of wasting it with the help of a ConservAir contorl valve.

In Stock Right Now!

Brand new Atlas Copco GX5 rotary screw compressor. 7.5 horsepower, 150 psi. Pick it up today!

Catastrophic Failure Solution

Here's some photos of a bad failure on a kellogg 452 piston compressor. We responded in less than 2 hours with a rental compressor and a permanent solution for the compressor room going forward. Atlas Copco GA7FF - Used and refrurbished. Delivered and installed immediately.

New Atlas G7 10hp System

Here's a new system in Wilton, NH. Atlas Copco G7 10hp complete system.

Laboratory Oil-Free Air Compressor – Woburn MA

Here's some photos of a wonderful installation for a laboratory application in Woburn. Oil - Free air.

New System – Complete emergency back-up – Atlas GA11 VSD (x2)

Here are some photos from a complete installation including two compressors (variable speed), two dryers (each big enough to handle both compressors at full load), 2 mechanical separators and 4 filters. All with bypasses and isolation valves. This 30HP (15x2) system is replacing a 250HP (125x2) system! Business application changed over time and the 125's were no longer worth the energy to...

Brand New Atlas 7.5HP in Wilmington.

Here's some photos of a brand new Atlas Copco GX5 compressor with dryer and tank in a brand new compressor room for this Wilmington, MA manufacturer.

New Atlas Copco G7FF in Chelmsford MA Machine Shop

Here's a brand new G7FF at a Chelmsford, MA machine shop! Built in refrigerated air dryer made this very simple plug and play compressor a breeze to install!

New Brewery Compressor in Massachusetts

Here's some photos of a great new compressed air system at this brewery in Massachusetts. This Atlas Copco Rotary Screw GA15+VSD compressor will provide clean, dry, trouble-free air for aeration, clarifying, bottling, and all maintenance and cleaning at this local craft beer brewery. Clean Air = Clean Beer!

CFM Usage Data Logging

Here are some photos of our digital flow meter in use. It's accompanied by a data logger that's logging the flow rate every minute. After we remove the data logger, we'll have a complete flow chart to break down the cfm usage to properly size a new compressor.  

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Preventive Maintenance Plans

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Keep your equipment running efficiently without lifting a finger. We contact you before maintenance is due to schedule a date and time that is convenient for you and your business.

emergency repair

Emergency Repair

Reach out to us if ever you have a compressed air emergency. You’ll get a solution.



Technical difficulties require our expertise.



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Parts Available

Parts Available

Pressure switches • Magnetic motor starters
Motor Capacitors • Check Valves
Solenoid Valves • Blowdown Valves
Safety Valves • Rotary Screw parts/ Filters
Piston Compressor Parts
Pipe fittings • Gauges • Filters

Used Equipment

Used Equipment

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