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Clean, Dry, Trouble-Free Compressed Air

Boge S Air Compressor

Advanced design

Latest generation of our innovative oil-injected screw element included.


Reduced energy costs

Reduced lifecycle costs thanks to the use of a superior screw element and a high efficiency motor. VSD reduces energy costs by 35% on average.

Compressor for tire pressure top-off at Boston car dealership

This compressor will be used strictly for topping off customer tire air pressure at this drive-in service department at a Boston car dealership.  

New refrigerated air dryer at car dealership in Haverhill

This new Mikropor MK75 dryer replaced an old dryer at this Haverhill, MA car dealership.  

New GA11VSD+ System in Bedford

This new Atlas Copco GA11VSD+ system will be a great upgrade for this lighting manufacturer in Bedford, NH.

New Oil Free Atlas Copco SF8 compressor

This new Atlas Copco SF8+ took the place of an older GX4. Guaranteed oil-free, dry air for this manufacturer in Billerica, MA.

New Atlas Copco G15 and Mikropor Dryer

This body shop in Boston, MA was in need of a new compressor. We went with an Atlas Copco G15 tank-mounted with an external Mikropor refrigerated air dryer. Getting this equipment in the building was the biggest challenge we'll see with this system! The shop is now getting clean, dry, trouble-free air to their paint booths and air tools!  

New Atlas Copco G11 takes over as main compressor

This Atlas Copco G11 is taking over as the main compressor while the old compressor moves into a back-up role for this Manchester, NH collision center.

New Saylor Beall outdoor compressed air system

Here's some photos of an "outdoor" installation at a saw mill in Farmington, NH. This saw mill is unheated during winter months, so we needed a solution for clean, dry, trouble free air even with the harsh conditions. Our solution is a 30 horsepower saylor beall piston compressor with a mikropor desiccant air dryer. This dryer will assure the compressed air will be cooled to a -40 degree dew...

New Compressor Upgrade at Metal Manufacturer

New Atlas Copco GA22VSD+ for a metal fabrication company in Littleton. Replaced an old, tired fixed speed 30hp compressor. Energy savings will be huge!  

New Atlas Copco GX5

Here's a photo of a recent installation at a dumpster company in Canterbury, NH. New Atlas Copco GX5 rotary screw air compressor.

Atlas Copco GA11VSD

Here are some photos from a recent installation at a brand new collision center in Danvers, MA. Atlas Copco GA11VSD+FF. 15 Horsepower variable speed rotary screw air compressor with built-in refrigerated dryer. Plug and play with a 200 gallon vertical air tank!  

Complete rotary screw compressor and dryer packages from 3  – 25 horsepower.

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Preventive Maintenance Plans

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Parts Available

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