Oilless Air Compressor for Newmarket, New Hampshire

All air compressor systems contain a variety of parts that operate under considerable pressure, especially ones that use synthetic compounds as compressor lubricators. As a result, an oilless air compressor for Newmarket, New Hampshire requires regular, preventive maintenance to ensure the reliability, productivity, and longevity of your compressed air system.

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ACG Air Compressor provides:

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Non-oil-lubricated air compressors are becoming increasingly popular because of their cost savings. Compressed air is only as good as its purity and as oil-lubricated air compressors operate over time, air purity can be compromised by contaminated oil, reducing efficiency and increasing maintenance.

To clear up any confusion, there is, in fact, oil in an oilless air compressor – it’s just that oil is used to lubricate the gearbox and does not come in contact with the compressor itself. Instead, the compressor is cooled by either air or water.

Generally, a synthetic-lubricated air compressor will not last as long as an oil-lubricated model, because their pre-lubrication will gradually wear away and degrade over time. The Teflon coating typically used to lubricate the internal cylinder simply wears off over time, and this wear can increase when a compressor is used in extreme temperatures or for long durations. Still, a Newmarket, New Hampshire oilless air compressor can last for years if you’re proactive with maintenance and service.

To find out if an oilless air compressor or an oil-lubricated model is better-suited for your application, contact the air compressor experts here at ACG Air Compressor.